If you see something that catches your eye, be it on the ground or in the sky,  snap it and send it along so we can share with it others!

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Sable Island

Wild horses are seen on Nova Scotia's Sable Island. (A rose bush is intertwined with a spruce tree in Lower West Pubnico, N.S. (Sandra Brewer)

rose bush

A rose bush is intertwined with a spruce tree in Lower West Pubnico, N.S. (Carol d'Entremont)

rainbow farm

A rainbow appears as Don Shepherd works on his family farm in Black Rock, N.S. (Jason Shepherd)

Queen Anne's Lace

Sandra Bentley snapped this photo of Queen Anne's Lace in Cavendish, P.E.I.


The sandpipers do their dance while a peregrine falcon is on the hunt in Johnson’s Mills near Dorchester N.B. (Maurice Melanson of Richibouctou-Village N.B.)


Mike Porozov of Liverpool, N.S. captured this image of the midnight sky off the Bellot Strait in Nunavut on Aug. 8, 2017.


This photo was taken on the first day of fishing in Cap-Lumière, N.B. (Annette Arsenault)

potato plants

Kevin Arsenault snapped this photo of potato plants in full bloom set against a gorgeous sunset near O'Leary, P.E.I.

eastern black swallowtail

Lillian Kennedy of Maces Bay, N.B. captured this image of an eastern black swallowtail.

fog bow

Ashley Swain captured this image while out for a walk with her fiance in Spa Springs, N.S. She describes it as a "fog bow."


Brian Taylor captured this stunning photo of a sunset in Grand Pre, N.S.

CIndy's snapshot

Jeb, a bearded dragon, is enjoying this summer day on his boogie board. Jeb resides in Fall River, N.S. with his loving owners Carla and Keith Gillard.

Thunder storm

Mike Bezanson in Aberdeen, Cape Breton captured this photo of a thunderstorm on July 21.


This squirrel managed to sneak inside a home in L'Ardoise N.S. (Anita Frigault Middleton)

sandhill crane

Bea Patterson captured this image of a sandhill crane in Grande-Digue N.B.