If you see something that catches your eye, be it on the ground or in the sky,  snap it and send it along so we can share with it others!

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leopard Appaloosa

Pippin the horse is a 15-year-old leopard Appaloosa who lives in Greenfield County NS. (Mary Jane MacPhee)

Cindy's snapshots

This shot of a black fox was sent in by Connie and Paul from Greenwood, N.S.


A pair of cardinals are spotted in Saulnierville, N.S. (Ruth Boudreau)


Tyler Maillet of Meteghan River is having fun feeding peanuts to the squirrels in Church Point, N.S. (Jennifer Maillet)

car deer

PK the Cat watches a deer through the window in Boylston, N.S. (Sandra Marie Morrow)

Northumberland Strait

The sun sets over endless miles of sea ice in Pictou County's Northumberland Strait. (Allison Currie)

cherry blossoms

It's the McLennon Brothers Battle of the Cherry Blossoms, Spring 2017 edition! Sean is seen with his Cherry Blossoms in Sydney, N.S. on March 31, 2017, while Kevin is seen in Victoria, B.C. on April 1st, 2017.


The Diva Princess LouLou wants to know if March has really gone out like a lion, and is it safe to come out from behind the couch? (Margaret Lesley Gladstone - North Rustico P.E.I.)


Nancy Gray captures a mosquito in Halifax on March 29, 2017.

Bayswater Beach

Barry Burgess captures an early-morning aurora at Nova Scotia's Bayswater Beach, Mar 27, 2017

LaHave River

Dona Pottie captured the stunning sunrise on Nova Scotia's LaHave River


The stunning sunrise is seen at Greenwood Lake in Port Saxon, N.S. (Donna Crowell)

East Grand Lake

Perry and Maria Bull captured this image from their property on East Grand Lake in Green Mountain, N.B. They say they look across the lake to the State of Maine.

Glace Bay sunset

Valerie Livingstone captures the sunset in Glace Bay, N.S. on March 21, 2017.


Gerard McCarthy snapped this shot of the tug ATLANTIC FIR broadside to the howling north wind as she pushes on the nose of the post Panamax container ship CMA CGM LA SCALA.

Belliveaus Cove

Winds from the northeast slam Belliveau's Cove, N.S. on March 11, 2017. (Robert Abraham)


Annette Arsenault captures the cloudy sunrise on March 7, 2017 in Cap-Lumière N.B. across P.E.I.


Snow and ice blankets Cheticamp, N.S. after a nor'easter swept through the Maritimes.


George the alpaca tries to enjoy some “me” time in Overton, N.S. (Rhys Williams)

ice caves

Runu Singh snapped this spectacular photo of the Midland Ice Caves in Norton, N.B.

Minas Basin

Colleen George captured this beautiful image from the Blomidon lookoff, overlooking the Minas Basin.

Blue Puttees

The Marine Atlantic ferry MV Blue Puttees arrives in Port Aux Basques, N.L. the morning of March 8, 2017. (Wayne Stacey)


Blomidon is seen from the shoreline in Medford, N.S. (Mark Davidson)

Fundy National Park

Fishing boats are seen in New Brunswick's Fundy National Park (Judy Hamilton)


Doris Weir captured this beautiful image of the Shepody marsh looking toward Riverside-Albert, N.B.

Grand Falls

Suzanne Legere snapped this photo in Grand Falls, N.B., on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

Petit de Gras

The picturesque entrance to Petit-de-Grat Island, Isle Madame, N.S. (Vince Boudreau)


John Reid snapped this photo in Nappan, N.S.


Shawn Chapman captured this image of a gyrfalcon in Joggins, N.S.


Patsy Randall captured this wintry scene in Bayfield, N.S.

Arichat Harbour

Donald MacLellan snapped this photo of Isle Madame, N.S., overlooking Arichat Harbour.