If you see something that catches your eye, be it on the ground or in the sky,  snap it and send it along so we can share with it others!

If your photo is chosen to go to air, Cindy will let you know, so don’t forget to include your email address!

Email submissions to cindy@bellmedia.ca


Betty Meredith captured the sunrise over Mahone Bay, N.S.

Confederation Bridge

Marilyn Proctor of Sampsonville, N.S. captured this photo of the Confederation Bridge while on vacation in Prince Edward Island.


Michelle Rivest Brownlow discovered this interesting umbrella-like mushroom on her morning walk.

Monarch Flowers

Faye Kinney of Bailey's Brook, N.S., snapped this photo of butterflies spending a great deal of time in her flower garden.


A family of moose is spotted crossing a pond in Gros Morne National Park, N.L. (Zoe Weatherby)


An egret is spotted near St. Martins, N.B. on Sept. 10, 2017. (Jane LeBlanc)


The sun just starts to shine over the treeline to the east, just north of Bridgetwon, N.S. (Bill & Lori Henderson)

Campbell-Stokes Recorder

Sandra Brewer snapped this photo of Campbell-Stokes Recorder on Sable Island, N.S.


The sun rises over the Richibucto River in Rexton, N.B. (Paulette Girvan)


The sun sets on Saint Andrews, N.B. (Cathy Moulton)

Cindy Day

Cindy meets with the residents and staff at Windsor Elms Village in Falmouth, N.S.