Last night’s cold front brought some light rain to parts of our region.   Depending on where you live you may or may not like the thought of  more rain and wind coming by the end of the week.

Here’s how I see things unfolding:

Right now there’s a non-tropical low pressure system about 400 km north of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  This area of convective activity has the potential to develop into tropical storm Otto.

Regardless of whether or not the system becomes a tropical storm,  I expect the moisture from the area of low pressure to feed into an upper level system.  Right now that system is over the Great Lakes, but as it makes its way eastward, a low will form on the extended trough, somewhere near the Ohio Valley. 

The merging of the deep tropical moisture and the cold frontal trough will result in an intense fall storm. 

Where is it headed?

I believe the low will sit over Cape Cod Friday evening; most of us will start to see rain very early Friday morning. By Saturday morning, the storm should be over SW New Brunswick before moving on to Anticosti Island Sunday. Our weather will slowly dry out but cool down on Sunday.

Who’ll get what?

We will be on the warm side of the system with strong southwesterly winds; gusts could reach 70 km/h.

Rainfall, while spread out over 40 hours, could reach 60-80mm.

The fall storm is still a few days out and is just coming together, so stay right here for updates on track, timing and totals.  


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day