After pummeling the nation’s midsection with heavy snow, a late-winter storm is making its way across the US capital today, where residents are bracing for travel tie-ups and power outages.  New York City is next on the list… it’ll be followed by Boston. Since many of you seem to believe that we just automatically get Boston’s weather, I thought I’d explain how I see the next few days unfolding, here!

This is a major storm that is showing signs of taking a slight turn to the North East after it swings off the coast.  As it moves over the water, the storm could bring 80 to 100 km/h winds,  hurricane-force gusts and the threat of flooding to coastal communities along the US eastern seaboard.  

It wouldn’t take a big turn to impact our weather here in Nova Scotia.  There’s a strong high pressure system over Gaspe that should be strong enough to keep the storm’s centre well offshore, but this system covers a lot of geography.  I’m quite confident that strong easterly winds and low cloud will blanket the western half of Nova Scotia Friday into Saturday.  As far as snow goes, the numbers should be quite low and limited to SW Nova Scotia.



Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day