It’s been feeling like summer for a few days,  but it is officially fall; has been for almost 4 weeks now.  Grandma knew that fall arrived on or around September 21st,  yet she waited to see what October 18th would bring.  October  18th  is the feast day of St Luke.   Grandma, and many of our ancestors, referred to that day as St Luke’s Summer or Little Summer.

So who was St Luke? 

St Luke was first Christian physician, so naturally, over time, became known as the patron saint of physicians and surgeons. For this reason, many honour Saint Luke on his feast day by praying through his intercession for doctors and those who care for the sick.


  St Luke's Summer

The low sun leans across the slanting field,
And every blade of grass is striped with shine
And casts its shadow on the blade behind,
And dandelion clocks are held
Like small balloons of light above the ground.

Beside the trellis of the bowling green
The poppy shakes its pepper-box of seed;
Groundsel feathers flutter down;
Roses exhausted by the thrust of summer
Lose grip and fall; the wire is twined with weed.

The soul, too, has its brown October days --
The fancy run to seed and dry as stone,
Rags and wisps of words blown through the mind;
And yet, while dead leaves clog the eyes,
Never-predicted poetry is sown.

Norman Nicholson, Rock Face (1948).

Our temperatures remain on the warmer side of normal and will until the end of the week, when a slow moving system brings rain, followed by a significant drop in temperature.

Enjoy what Grandma would call, “little summer”.


Chief Meteorologist

Cindy Day