We wrapped up “Games Week” this morning with a fun co-host showdown called “Strike A Light”! In the end, Heidi came out on top in this game of reflexes – she’ll have bragging rights until the next “Games Week” on CML!

We hope you all have a great weekend! The CTV Morning Live gang will be back on Monday to help you get a great start to your week! At 7:15 AM, it’s time for our final Makeover Monday – and this week, we’ll hear how the winner has been through personal tragedy to come out stronger on the other side.  At 7:45 AM, the Moneyfinder shares advice to guide us through the common financial pitfalls of the season.  And at 8:15 AM, we get a visit from Lindt Chocolate to sample some of the chocolatier’s new flavors for the holidays!

PLUS: Cyril is pitching in and doing some painting to help the United Way prepare for its “Day of Action”!

Alyse will have the latest weather, and Priya brings us up-to-the-minute news - all starting bright and early at 7AM! See you then!