The Halifax Regional Municipality’s new $14.7 million bus terminal opened for business Monday morning.

Metro Transit’s latest bridge terminal in Dartmouth is expected to be the busiest in Nova Scotia, serving an estimated 23,000 passengers each weekday.

The terminal includes 16 accessible bus bays as well as a fully-enclosed passenger waiting area, onsite bicycle storage and a landscaped green roof.

“We’re really excited about the terminal. It’s finally come to fruition,” says Eddie Robar, director of Metro Transit. “It’s been about a six-year project for us, so you know, to finally see it in operation is fantastic for Metro Transit and its passengers.”

An elevator that connects the main waiting area with the upper level pedestrian bridge wasn't operating early Monday as Metro Transit awaited a permit.

However, city spokeswoman Tiffany Chase says the permit arrived Monday afternoon and the elevator is now operating.