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Halifax's Saint Mary's University prepares for homecoming weekend in aftermath of massive street party


One week after student parties spilled into the streets of south end Halifax, Saint Mary's University is getting ready for its homecoming weekend.

It appears no one is expecting any massive parties, but police are still ready to act. The university is confident it will be a quiet three days.

Meanwhile, there are still no criminal charges in relation to last weekend's massive outdoor party near Dalhousie University.

"We are still looking into the incidents of last weekend," said Const. John Macleod of the Halifax Regional Police.

Now, a new weekend brings another homecoming -- this one at Saint Mary's University.

MacLeod has words of caution for students who would consider attending any unsanctioned parties.

"If your actions disrupt the community, you should expect enforcement for us to come in to follow," said MacLeod.

In other words, students and community members should not even think about attending. If there is a massive party, police will be ready.

"Certainly with any members of our community," said MacLeod. "Including students, we would expect that they abide by the laws."

Franklyn Southwell is the president of the Saint Mary's University Student's Association. The university asked Southwell to speak on this issue.

"Let's hope for this one we have no problem," he said.

Southwell said weekend events would involve multiple generations of alumni along with the current student body, coming together in a celebration of Saint Mary's University history and tradition.

"We just want everyone to have a safe fullfilled weekend," said Southewell. "Come out and be supportive of your teams."

Southwell is encouraging students and alumni to participate in other campus activities while adhering to public health regulations. Top Stories

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