Roughly 30,000 fans flocked to Moncton’s Magnetic Hill to see The Boss perform Sunday night, and they weren’t disappointed.

Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball Tour was billed as a high-energy rock and roll show, and that’s exactly what he delivered. The 62-year-old rocker and the E Street Band entertained fans for about three hours.

“I've been to a lot of concerts and I would chalk this up with the best I've ever seen,” says Springsteen fan Darren Czech.

Debbie Phillips drove to Moncton from Halifax and she says it was worth it. She managed to get close enough to slap Springsteen with a high-five.

“I somehow managed to get myself up to the stage and as he was going by, just the usual, swiping everybody’s hand as he’s going by, and there I was,” says Phillips.

Early estimates suggest the crowd was in the 30,000 plus range. That number compares favourably to other, larger cities that have hosted The Boss.

“People expect every time we do a concert at the concert site that there's going to be 50,000 to 70,000 people, but the truth is, in the world right now, there's not that many big super groups that can attract that many,” says city manager Jacques Dube.

City officials say this summer’s lineup has produced an economic spinoff in the $6-million to $8-million range.

“I hear businesses telling me every time they have a concert at Magnetic Hill, their business really goes up,” says Deputy Mayor Merrill Henderson.

The revamped traffic flow map and liquor policy introduced at the Nickelback concert last month were used again at the Springsteen show. Officials say the policies seem to be working and will be used again at future concerts.

Codiac RCMP are also asking fans for their feedback on ways to improve the Magnetic Hill concert experience.

“We're encouraging all concertgoers and as well residents and business owners to give us their positive or negative feedback,” says RCMP Cpl. Mike Gaudet of the Codiac RCMP.

Springsteen will return to Canada in October when he brings his Wrecking Ball Tour to Ottawa and Hamilton, Ont.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jonathan MacInnis