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4 new student housing projects to be built for Nova Scotia Community College campuses

Students attending the Nova Scotia Community College will soon have more options when it comes to housing.

The Nova Scotia government says the province is building new student housing at four campuses:

"Taking action to deliver more housing options will help students study in their community of choice," said Brian Wong, Nova Scotia’s minister of Advanced Education, in a news release from the province.

"We are delighted to partner with NSCC to create hundreds more spaces for students on campus and open up more housing options in these communities. With more options available, students will choose to study, build a life and a career in communities all across Nova Scotia."

Brian Wong, Nova Scotia’s minister of Advanced Education, made a student housing announcement at the Nova Scotia's Community College's Akerley Campus on Nov. 21, 2023.

According to the release, around 270 more beds will be built on government-owned land, either at or near existing facilities at each campus.

“The Cumberland and Lunenburg campuses are expected to have about 40 beds each, Kingstec will have about 90 beds and the Institute of Technology will have about 100 beds,” reads the release.

“The creation of four new NSCC student housing facilities - on top of the three units already under construction - will mean increased accessibility for applicants to the college and, in turn, help alleviate pressure on the community housing inventory in Springhill, Kentville, Bridgewater and Halifax," said Don Bureaux, president of the Nova Scotia Community College.

“We have a large demand right now obviously and there is a shortage throughout the entire community. This is going to make a big impact for the number of students right now who are trying to find affordable housing.”

Eirik Larsen, president of the Institute of Technology Campus Student Association, says housing is a serious issue for students today.

"I am happy to see new student housing facilities coming to four NSCC campuses that will support the great need and alleviate the stress for future students who require affordable housing options to support them as they pursue their education," said Larsen.

“It is hard to focus on studies while you are also worried about paying rent and finding a new place to move into.”

Construction is currently underway on student housing projects at three NSCC campuses:

The new construction at the Akerley, Pictou, and Ivany campuses will include a total of 350 new spaces.

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