HALIFAX -- The vaccine rollout in Nova Scotia continues to ramp up with 50,000 shots going into arms this week.

As of April 12, a total of 157,590 doses of vaccine have been administered in Nova Scotia; 126,296 were first doses and 31,294 were second doses.

Despite the increasing numbers, Nova Scotia still lags behind some other provinces.

"I still do worry that the vaccination rate just isn't as fast as we'd like to see and I still haven't seen a good answer from the premier in particular about why this is the case," said Chris Parsons with the Nova Scotia Health Coalition. "I think the real question that needs to be looked at is what is the choke point that is slowing down the actual administration of vaccines."

Dr. Robert Strang says the original decision to hold back the second dose of vaccine put Nova Scotia behind some other provinces.

"If you look at the trajectory we are on, we are climbing faster than other provinces in terms of the number of doses we're delivering and we'll continue to do that as the supply increases," said Strang.

With just 45 active cases, there is some good news for students: graduations will be allowed this year.

"Students, staff and families will be able to gather in small groups in schools to recognize student achievement. They will have guidelines to ensure gathering limits and public health protocols are being followed," said Premier Iain Rankin.

He says schools will focus on graduation and not prom.

"They will not be organizing proms, but parent groups are able to organize as long as they follow public health guidelines including the gathering limits."

When it comes to the 2021 IIHF Women’s World Championship, which is scheduled to take place in Halifax and Truro in May, Strang says health officials are in ongoing discussions with Hockey Canada, the IIHF and the federal government to work towards an approved plan.

But he says all players, officials and anyone involved with the event will need to quarantine for 14 days.

"We are not giving exceptions, we are not compromising on the fundamental need for a 14-day quarantine in any way to accommodate this tournament," said Strang.