HALIFAX -- The holidays may be over, but the small town of Kentville in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley is still celebrating an ode to their community. A Kentville Christmas Story, a short video, published in December, was created to draw visitors into the community – but it’s become so much more.

From freshly baked cookies to Christmas tree lights, everything fell into place for the making of A Kentville Christmas Story, a one-minute-long promotional video highlighting the community’s vibrant business scene.

"We were lucky that the weather held off that night, so we had it the first time of the Christmas tree lighting here in town,” says Kentville Business Community executive director, Zach Best. “So we had to go do some shots before-hand and then we made our way to the Christmas tree lighting… We were actually a little late, so they held off the lighting for us so we could get the filming in."

Best notes the production was a team effort. With so many new shops and services popping up around town, the Kentville Business Community knew it was an ideal time to showcase the heart and soul of the town.

And business owners in the area say the video truly displays the community’s support for small businesses.

Jimi Doidge, owner of new restaurant and cidery, Maritime Cider Express, says the support he receives from the town is unmatched. Having travelled coast to coast looking for an ideal spot to set up shop, the Ontario native now calls Kentville home.

"There's only a few thousand people who live here, but everyone comes in here, and I go to all the other businesses,” says Doidge. “It feels more supportive than any other town that I've lived in or been to – and that's really cool."

Visitors to the town would be hard-pressed to find any chain stores. Instead, the quaint village is comprised of mainly family-owned clothing stores, gift shops, restaurants and bakeries – where business owners say they try to make customers feel like family.

"Kentville is a friendly place,” says owner of Sable Shortbread, Lorraine Pike. “It's up-and-coming. It's really worth taking a trip and checking things out."

"It's a very proud feeling to walk Downtown Kentville and see the way it is now,” says Phinneys owner, Andrew Zebain. “And they did a great job on that video; kind of showcasing and highlighting that."

The video was released on social media just before the holidays and has gone viral within a matter of weeks. Having been viewed over 26,000 times, it’s a pleasant surprise to all involved.

As for using their heartfelt video to sell the town as a possible filming location for a made-for-tv Christmas movie, the Kentville Business Community isn’t ruling it out.

"Ah, well, you never know,” says Best. “We could try. I think they might take it!”