FREDERICTON -- Change is coming to a Fredericton landmark with quite a legacy.

The Neill farm is about to be handed over to a new family after more than 160 years.

"My grandparents lived there and I was always going in there for cookies and it was just a nice place to grow up, the farm within the city," says Sheila Jones (nee Neill).

The history of the Neill farm goes back to the year Canada was founded in 1867.

Derek Jones, who married in to the family, says cows were kept on the farm until a decade ago.

"In May of 2011, when those cows were loaded onto the truck and shipped to Ontario, it just changed everything," says Derek Jones. "Because no longer were there going to be cows in the pasture, no longer could you go up in the barn and watch Albert milk, even though he was 80 years old, it just changed everything."

There were a lot of changes over the years and the farmhouse transitioned with the times.

"It's been a grand old house in the community for sure," says Derek Jones. "The old-style fireplaces, and then later on the furnaces put in and that created renovation changes, and city water put in and that was more changes."

For Sheila and Derek, the farm itself is like a family member.

"It's one of those things you think, your farm it's never going to be gone, but life goes on," says Sheila Jones."Dad is over in the Shannex over here and I think they probably thought they were going to farm forever."

The property's new owners still plan to farm on much of the land.

And while Sheila and Derek won't be running the property, they'll still be close by.

"Yeah, a lot of good memories, my sister and I have a lot of good memories here," said Sheila Jones.

Ownership of the Neill farm will change hands offically at the end of June.