A man who dedicated much of his life to searching for buried treasure on Nova Scotia’s infamous Oak Island has died.

The Friends of Oak Island Society announced the death of Dan Blankenship on its Facebook page.

“A true Oak Island legend, Dan was a respected and admired man,” reads the post. “His perseverance, ingenuity and passion inspired all.”

Blankenship passed away Sunday evening. He was 95.

Tales of buried treasure have enticed treasure hunters from across the globe to Oak Island for more than two centuries.

Blankenship moved from the United States to Oak Island in 1965 and spent much of his life -- and a small fortune -- searching for the fabled treasure.

“We have found certain clues over the period of time in certain areas that have kept us involved all these many years,” Blankenship told CTV Atlantic during an interview in October 2014.

“To the best of my knowledge, no one has stayed on the island and been involved in more or less the daily thing longer than I have.”

Blankenship was also featured prominently in “The Curse of Oak Island”, a hit reality television show that documents two brothers’ attempts to unearth the treasure and solve the Oak Island mystery.