It has been almost a full year of hurt and healing for the families and friends of four men murdered in Halifax, but with most of those cases still under investigation, families remain hopeful justice will be served.

Tyler Richards was killed April 17, 2016 in Halifax. He grew up in Halifax and was an influence to many local youth.

Former basketball coach Irvine Carvery says it's been a year of reflection and healing.

"Those kids that are coming up like Tyler. When Tyler was a young fella, it doesn't take much. Just one wrong decision can really impact not just on your life, but on the lives of a whole bunch of people," Carvery says.

From March 29 to April 23, 2016, Joseph Douglas Cameron, Tyler Bradley Richards, Naricho Clayton and Daverico Downey were killed in Halifax and Dartmouth. 

Carvery says the community needs to continue to educate youth on gun violence. Stop the Violence campaign founder Quentrel Provo agrees.

"We can't wait until we have enough homicides to speak about it, or do things about it, because I find that's what happened last year," Provo says        

Provo is already working on marches and talks with both youth and adults in the coming months.

Police say a teenager pleaded guilty to Cameron's homicide but the other three cases still remain open. Investigators say it's never too late to come forward with information .

“It really shakes the community when that much violence happens in such a small period of time, but we're actively investigating all of these," says Supt. Jim Perrin of Halifax Regional Police.

So far, there haven't been any homicides in the Halifax area this year, and Provo wants to keep it that way.

"The warmer weather is coming and that's when it tends to pick up, things tend to happen, so let's just try to stay positive," he says.

Tyler Richards’ loved ones are organizing a ceremony for Monday – the anniversary of his death. They’re praying justice will be served soon.  

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Suzette Belliveau.