SYDNEY, N.S. -- An 18-year-old Cape Breton man on trial for second-degree murder continued to claim in his second day of testimony that he has no memory of events leading to the stabbing death of his 17-year-old girlfriend.

The girl's body was found riddled with more than 100 stab wounds when police arrived at the Sydney home on Dec. 3, 2010.

Prosecutor Steve Drake repeatedly pressed the accused Wednesday for his recollections of what he had done on the day of his girlfriend's death.

Drake alleged in court that the youth, who was 16 at the time, had pulled open a utensil drawer, grabbed knives and headed to the bedroom.

The accused said, "I have no memory of this, man."

Drake also alleged the accused had knocked the woman out by punching her in the face before he repeatedly stabbed her.

The accused repeated that he can't recall what happened.

Drake made numerous references to the crime scene photos which the accused had to examine.

During his first day in the witness chair on Tuesday, the accused was directed by Judge Anne Derrick to review the photos, after pronouncing he had no intention of looking at them.

Some 40 minutes into Drake's questioning on Wednesday, the accused requested that the court take a break, which was granted.

The names of the accused and the victim are banned from publication in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The accused is being tried as a youth but should a conviction be registered, the Crown will be seeking an adult sentence.

Testimony from the accused has suggested that when he and his girlfriend awoke on Dec. 3, they both ingested prescription pills belonging to the victim.

They later consumed more pills and drank moonshine.

The accused has testified he has no memory of events after he and his girlfriend left his grandfather's home to buy more pills.

Crown witness Donna MacDonald has testified that when she arrived at the home to drop off a meal for the grandfather, the accused came running out wearing only a pair of shorts with blood on his hands, face and bare chest.

MacDonald said after entering the home, she found the accused kneeling over the body in the bedroom.

Drake suggested to the accused that shortly before 6 p.m., he walked into the bedroom and saw the victim on her cellphone and assumed she was talking with another boy.

The accused has repeatedly denied claiming his girlfriend cheated on him.

An autopsy concluded the girl suffered 104 stab wounds and that she was likely unconscious at the time, having first suffered a blunt-force trauma to her chin and right eye.

There was no evidence of any defensive wounds on the victim's hands or forearms, suggesting she was unable to defend against the attack.

Six knives tested for DNA and blood found samples relating only to the victim and the accused.

A videotape of the accused at the police lockup was played again and Drake pressed the accused to explain why he could remember his full name, address and date of birth but yet claim to have no memory of the crime.

The accused is seen on the video being aided by police to stand up and at one point he vomits on the booking desk. When police tell him he has been arrested for murder, he asked who he killed, and said he wants to talk with his girlfriend.

The trial continues today when it is expected one more defence witness will be called.