Why advertise with CTV Atlantic?

CTV Atlantic delivers viewers! With 9 of the Top 10 TV shows in the Maritimes, your commercial message reaches more people than the other local stations combined. Maritime businesses advertise on CTV Atlantic because it works!

Sales FAQs

I’m just a small business. Can I afford to advertise on CTV?  CTV Atlantic works with many small to mid-size local and regional businesses. You definitely don’t need to be a national company with a huge advertising budget. Don’t forget - we’re local too!

What shows can I advertise on?  Your account executive will draw on CTV’s extensive market research to customize an airtime schedule targeted directly to your demographic.

Can I just buy CTV for my specific location? You can purchase CTV as one Maritime market, or buy one of the separate markets: NB/PEI, Sydney and Halifax. You can also purchase airtime on CTV Two, for complete coverage across Atlantic Canada. View coverage maps.

What if I have various locations throughout the Maritimes?  No problem! A number of CTV Atlantic clients combine all their locations in one buy.

Is a 30-second commercial my only option? As well as traditional 30-second commercials, CTV Atlantic offers a range of marketing services: closed captioning billboards, news segment sponsorships, show feature sponsorships, web marketing and contest opportunities.

Unique to Bell Media is the option of event-based promotions that combine the power of CTV Atlantic’s reach with the immediacy of your local Bell Media radio station – the impact can be amazing! View samples on the CTV-Bell Radio remote link in the upper right-hand corner of this page.

What if I don’t have a commercial?  CTV Atlantic has commercial production teams in Halifax, Sydney and Moncton. We can create an ad for you at a very competitive rate. Learn more in our Production FAQs (see below).

Need a commercial? We can help! Our Commercial Production teams in Halifax, Sydney and Moncton have been producing effective, high quality, award-winning advertising for decades. CTV’s production rates are competitive, and offer solid value for local and regional businesses.

Testimonials: Our clients have seen amazing results after advertising on CTV Atlantic. Click here to read their testimonials.

Production FAQs

How much will my commercial cost?   Production costs vary widely: graphic- and photo-based ads can be produced for $500-1,000.  An HD video commercial, shot at your business location, ranges from $1,500-3,500.  Complex commercials with professional talent can cost $10,000 & up. Your producer will design a commercial that fits your budget and needs, and you’ll receive a firm quote before the ad is produced.

How can I keep production costs down?  The high-res photos you have on your website, or in your print material, can also be used for your TV ad. Another option is stock images or video - sometimes these can be purchased online for less than the cost of a local shoot.

Your supplier or franchise may have footage we can personalize by seamlessly combining it with visuals we shoot at your own business. 

If you have existing broadcast quality footage (performance, concert or event), we can customize it with a sound track and graphics.

Can’t afford professional talent?  Many CTV clients provide their own on-camera talent by using their staff, clients and friends.

You may also choose to represent your own company. Our experienced directors will walk you through the entire process.

Will I see the script before you shoot the commercial?  Absolutely!  We don’t proceed with the shoot or edit until you’ve approved the concept and the script.  We welcome your input, and encourage you to make any necessary changes to the script or concept.

How long does it take to shoot a commercial? Most of our commercial shoots are a half day or a full day. If you want a quality end product, a speedy ‘down and dirty’ shoot won’t give you the look you want. Allow us extra time and care with lighting and scene set-up on your shoot, and you’ll be rewarded with a more polished commercial.

Will a shoot disrupt my business?  While our production crew does use a significant amount of production gear – it’s more than just a camera! – we’re sensitive to the needs of retailers and your valued customers.  If needed, we can schedule early morning and evening shoots.

When will I see what my ad looks like?  We have a monitor at the shoot, so you’ll see every scene before we shoot it.  We’ll also send you graphics stills to review. You can view the finished ad in our edit suite at the CTV studio, or we can send you a link to a high-res version for review and approval. Your commercial won’t air until you’re happy with the finished product.

Can I put the commercial on my website?  Yes, we’ll provide you with a link to a QuickTime .mov file you can post on your website and Facebook.


Contact CTV Atlantic Sales: 

Anne Skrynsky
Sales Manager, CTV Atlantic Halifax
2885 Robie Street, Halifax NS B3K 5Z4
(902) 454-3275


Glenn McLanders
Station/Sales Manager, CTV Sydney
1283 George Street, Sydney, NS B1P 1N7
(902) 562-9702