Advertising with CTV works! Here's what some of our clients had to say...

Tammy MacLennan, Coconut Creek

Since we started advertising with CTV, we've seen our store traffic increase by over 30 per cent.

People have come in from all four Atlantic Provinces, looking for us because they saw our ad on CTV and CTV Two.

Danny Northup, Nothin’ Fancy

When the TV spots air, the response is instantaneous. The telephone rings, people come in and say ‘We just saw you on TV. We want to see that product.’ So, the results are there, and we know where the results are from.

CTV covers the broad area of all our stores throughout Nova Scotia, and for bang for the buck, CTV is where I want to be. It’s the total number of people that watch, right? On a 30-second spot, anywhere in Atlantic Canada, we know we’re going to get to talk to the people we want to talk to in at least one of our areas. We have expanded our business because of CTV.

Excellent value for the money. People today, retailers in advertising, want to get the best bang for their buck. So when I book the remotes, I consider the production as part of the advertising cost and it’s a small percentage.

We use the TV remotes so people can see the product, see the price, and for instant results. We’ve been doing the remotes since the mid-80s. It’s the results that we see, it’s the instantaneous results. People like to see the product, they like to see the price, and you can’t see the price on the radio.

Catherine Campbell, The Berkeley

We really like TV advertising. We like it because you’re hearing it, you’re seeing it. You know, people have the TV on in the background while they’re making dinner, while they’re doing things in the house, and so we’ve made it a commitment to be involved in TV campaigns all year long.

I think our ad makes us stand out from the competition because we use our own residents, we use everyday activities as our lifestyle options for the commercials and I think that really speaks to people. They can tell what it’s like living here every day.

When our commercial goes to air we absolutely know it’s running!  We hear from people on the street, we hear through our website, and our marketing co-ordinator always gets lots of feedback. So we know our commercials are working. Our business has definitely increased since we started with CTV.

Phil Currie, Atlantic University Sport

One of the things CTV does for us is gets our message to the marketplace quickly. The marketing for any of our events like the Uteck Bowl, we use CTV for the major reason that we can get the reach that we’re looking for and the kind of impact that we’re looking for. In our marketing mix, it’s really the lead for us.

We just find CTV Sales, for us, our sales rep is professional and understands our needs, and is always calling us instead of us calling them. If we have a question or concern they’re fully addressed by that individual, so we’re more than happy with the sales team at CTV.

In terms of the value for our spending, I know that for every dollar I spend with CTV I’m going to get ten of those dollars back, in reference to the kind of reach I can get. And I know that on other networks I can spend a dollar and get two times that kind of response. So for us it’s important to be with the leading network, and with CTV we get as much value as we can for the dollar we spend.  And being a small organization, that’s important.

Catherine McNutt , Master Promotions

We feel our ads are good value for the money. We buy a lot of advertising as you can imagine with multiple shows across Atlantic Canada, so if a medium is not good value for the money, we don't do it!

Our commercials run during the news, CTV News at 5…people will say, ‘we saw your ad on CTV’ or ‘we saw your ad on CTV News at 5.’ People trust these programs, I think, and when they see ads running during that time they respond.

What keeps us coming back to CTV? I would have to say certainly the news programming is huge for us. We see the results, we see the value, it's easy for us to do business.  

They're totally professional. What’s really nice is that it's a consistent team that we've known for, I don't know how many years, so we know the camera folks when they come out. We're comfortable with them, they're comfortable with us. They know where to go, they know what to do, we don't have to hold their hand, very professional and they know what they're doing, and that helps us.

Dov Bercovici, Discovery Centre  

CTV plays a primary role in getting our message out to the public. When you look at all the other media, it still is the most impactful - we see that on our bottom line and our return on investment. In the last 5 or 6 years that we’ve been working with CTV, we’ve had a tremendous growth in our visitation. In fact, our visitation has almost doubled.

We have noticed an immediate return on investment. Whenever we have a major event that we’re planning, a major blockbuster, exhibit, we consult with CTV and they work with us to develop ads that really capture what the exhibit will be and we see an immediate increase in visitation at the door.

I find there’s a level of professionalism at CTV, and they really understand their client’s needs. Things are done well ahead of time and within the budget that we offer, and the experience has been wonderful.

Discovery Awards for Science & Technology- This is an awards dinner where we recognize the top minds in the province of Nova Scotia and across Atlantic Canada, many of whom are recognized globally, and CTV was an essential partner to us in producing videos that profiled the personalities that were involved at the dinner. They did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of what these people are about and the videos were truly inspirational. The comments I got back from the scientists were extremely positive. Many people were commenting on the professionalism and the content of the videos.

Clayton Roach, Roach Chiropractic

Out of everything that we have done in advertising, CTV has been the thing that has brought us the most for our return on our investment. It wasn’t close, again my main concern was the cost, and we have calculated the return to be 9 to 1. The investment was 100 per cent worth the return that we got in.

I think just the fact that we’re on TV makes you stand out from the competition. Because some of my colleagues,  none of them are doing any TV commercials, so just by being out there it makes you look like more of a specialist, more of the person to go to. I went from zero to superhero in one commercial!

We did the home shows, the health shows after that and they said ‘you’re the guys on TV!’ So again, credibility is key and it kind of gains confidence in them knowing that you’ve been on TV.

The production crew was great! We invited some of our patients to come in. We all live busy lives and I was afraid that the day would go off schedule. Everything ran to a T, the schedule was kept. Patients even commented on how good the CTV crew was. Making them feel comfortable, because some of the patients were giving testimonials, and they had never been on TV before so that was a little bit new for them. Everything was so smooth, I wish I could run my office as efficiently as the commercial shoot.

To me, CTV has allowed me to live my vision of creating a healthier community and attracting more patients and educating them on the power of what we can do. CTV produces results, and believe me, it works!