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Afghans fleeing Taliban arrive in Nova Scotia


A large group of refugees from the Taliban controlled country of Afghanistan are now in Nova Scotia.

The group of 100 arrived at Halifax Stanfield International Airport just in time to see Wednesday night’s snowfall.

“They were tired but smiling, very grateful to be arriving here in Nova Scotia and it was a huge honour to be able to receive them,” said Immigrant Services Association of Nova ScotiaCEO Jennifer Watts.

There were another 146 on board the plane, who were moving on to other destinations in the country.

All arrived in Canada from a third country where they had been temporarily located since leaving Afghanistan.

“There are people who have for the most part been helpful to the Canadian military and helpful to Canadians so we’re really excited about their arrival here,” said Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston.

The former NATO employees were forced to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban regained control of the country.

“Right now everyone is in danger in Afghanistan,” said the Afghan Society of Halifax President Gulmakai Sarvar.

The group of men, women and children are part of the Canadian government's pledge to bring in 15,000 people through a special humanitarian program for Afghan refugees.

“It’s really good for them to save them as soon as possible but also I would say everyone in Afghanistan right now, they are facing very difficult situation it's scary under the oppression of the Taliban,” added Savar.

“We want to make sure all refugees that arrive in this province have the supports that they need to stay,” said Nova Scotia Immigration Minister Jill Balser.

The government-assisted refugees will receive help from a number of organizations as they begin life in their new home.

“In the next couple of years, as refugees are settled, similar to the more recent large initiative of Syria,” said Watts. “We have seen refugees that have settled in different parts of the province.”

Fourteen thousand and six hundred people have applied to Canada's special immigration program for Afghans, so far, 9600 have been approved. Top Stories

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