A Halifax man and his soon-to-be wife are proving that finding love has no boundaries, regardless of age of geography. 

It was back in November when Garry Rogers received a Facebook friend request that would change his life forever.

"We met on Facebook. I added him, not shy about that,” says Garry’s fiancée, Stella Maris Rogers. “He accepted my friendship and we talked to each other and it started from there."

Garry travelled to the Philippines in February to meet Stella in person, and the meeting went so well they decided to get married in a civil ceremony.

But the couple soon discovered their marriage licence had a misprint of Garry's address, meaning their marriage wasn't officially recognized.

That’s when Garry decided to surprise Stella with a proposal at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport on Monday.

"I just never thought I'd meet someone at my age to spend the rest of my life with, and praise God that happened," says Garry.

The couple plans on having another marriage ceremony this fall in their new hometown of Truro, and will make sure there are no typos on the marriage certificate.

"I'm so happy,” Stella says. “This is our dream come true, to be together, and we have been waiting for my coming here."

Garry believes in the current Internet age, you're never too old – or too far away – to find true love.

“At our age, we can't let the grass just grow under our feet,” he says.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Allan April.