HALIFAX -- Air quality statements have ended for northern New Brunswick, but continue in southern parts of the province and have now been extended into Nova Scotia.

air qualityAir quality statements issued by Environment Canada due to the presence of wildfire smoke out of central Canada.

The bulk of the wildfire smoke, which consists of very fine particulate matter, is located aloft of the Maritimes but may filter down closer to the surface for some areas decreasing air quality.

A weather front moving in from the west will continue to clear the particulates over the next 24 hours.

smoke2Modelling of the smoke shows it is expected to clear New Brunswick by Thursday morning.

The residual smoke is expected to be clear of southern New Brunswick by Thursday morning, clear of mainland Nova Scotia by Thursday evening, and clear of Cape Breton later Thursday night.

smoke3The smoke should then clear Nova Scotia Thursday into Thursday evening.

The presence of the wildfire smoke produces an orange and red-hued, dimmer sunset for parts of the Maritimes Wednesday.

Catherine hamiltonA dimmed and reddish sunset from Anangance N.B. Wednesday evening courtesy of Catherine Hamilton.