An Alberta woman, whose search for her old Mustang with imporant personal meaning brought her all the way to New Brunswick, has received the result she was hoping for.

Kirsten Spek of Medicine Hat, Alta., told CTV News Tuesday that her mother gave her the vehicle during a dark time.

“She only had it for a short couple of months before she passed away,” Spek said. “She was diagnosed with cancer when I was 13 and died a month and three days after my 16th birthday.”

Spek said it was a dream car for her mother.

“She had dressed up the red convertible in red balloons and we cruised the main street of Fort McMurray and went to the restaurant, and it's probably one of the more fond memories of my mom," said Spek.

Spek ended up selling the car to a used dealership as money became tight. But she never forgot about the vehicle.

“Now that I have become married and become a business owner and have a wonderful husband and created a life and financial stability, we're able to go on this quest now to find the car,” she said.

Shortly after her story aired on CTV Atlantic, Spek received a call from someone who said they knew the owner. They compared vehicle identification numbers and learned it indeed was her mother’s car.

"I was very surprised," says car owner Andy MacBeath. "One of my friends called because I missed the news report and said, 'Is that your car?' He told me this young lady was looking for my car because it was her mother's who had passed away. I just thought she should have it."

“I started to cry,” says Spek. “Asked the next question, 'Would you be willing to sell me the car back,' and he said, ‘Absolutely I would.’”

Spek says the car will be transported back to Alberta in the spring. The first thing she plans to do when she gets the Mustang is take it for a nice, long drive and look back on the fond memories of her mother.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.