HALIFAX -- After getting through the COVID-19 lockdown, the week ahead will prove to be challenging for a group of businesses in downtown Halifax.

Long before the virus, they were forced to close for a lengthy period when a construction crane came down during post-tropical storm Dorian in September.

Now, the street where they work will be closed for a week as crews repair the damaged building.

"The impact was huge," said Blaine Pengelly, the owner of a jewelry store. "It was stressful, and it was a world to navigate, that's for sure,"

After being shut down by the pandemic, Pengelly says he wouldn't mind a do-over of the last 12 months, although he is open by appointment these days.

Other businesses along South Park Street have chosen to shut down while the work's underway, although signage on both sides of the worksite indicates everything's up and running.

"Every day it's -- you never know what's coming next," Pengelly said.

Along with the street, sidewalks and bike lanes are shut down during the week-long project, although extra parking has been set up to support businesses.

The province has said removing the crane cost at least $2 million, but the investigation into what happened is ongoing.

In the meantime, officials tell CTV News they will take appropriate measures to recoup the money.