An article called “12 Of The Prettiest Dalhousie Girls You Should Follow On Instagram” on a city lifestyle website has since been removed.

The article was found on and was written by a fourth-year female Dalhousie student. It featured Instagram photos of students taken from their public accounts.

"I was shocked and I was surprised,” said Dalhousie student MJ Vanterlinden. “As a community, particularly here in Halifax, we have evolved much past that."

Student Stephanie Wong says the article has the ability to pit girls against each other.

“They all looked pretty similar, and it's so sad to see," she said.

Privacy expert Wayne MacKay says many people don't understand the implications of posting to social media when their privacy settings are low or non-existent.

"The material that's on the web is very widely available and it's interesting how little people seem to understand that,” said MacKay. “I think people think it's much more private than it is."

Students say there’s much more to celebrate other than looks.

"In reality, all of us women at Dal are intelligent, capable and passionate about what we're studying,” said Dalhousie student Leah MacDonald “So where's the article on top 10 girls who are doing great things on campus, creating social change, creating environmental sustainability initiatives – where's that article?”

Women asking other women to stand up and take care of each other on campus, not objectify one another.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Suzette Belliveau.