SHEDIAC, N.B. -- Parlee Beach in Shediac, N.B., was packed on Thursday.

There was snow just a couple weeks ago, but it has turned to sunny days with temperatures rising above 30 C.

"It's fantastic," said Shediac resident Ken MacLeod. "It's summer in New Brunswick, maybe a little bit early."

Visitors from across the province came to cool off and soak up the heat.

"Actually in Saint John, we're like the only place that's not getting heat right now," said Sarah Hetherington. "So that's why we came here to try and get some of that."

But with the soaring temperatures, there is concern for some of the most vulnerable populations, like seniors who are isolated at home.

"Maybe 'Mrs. Jones' is out doing work in the garden, not realizing how hot it is and then she all of a sudden has headaches and she becomes nauseated or faints," said Cecile Cassista of the Coalition For Seniors and Nursing Home Residents Rights. "Those are the reasons we're saying 'please stay in.'"

For those who are homeless, it can be dangerous.

"The problem is a lot of them can't afford to buy water, keep themselves hydrated," said Steve MacDonald, a staff member at the House of Nazareth Shelter. "They're out in the sun for a full day without really thinking about whether their health is going to be affected."

Seniors advocates say nursing home workers are watching closely.

"I do know from my own personal experience with family members that they do go around and provide the juices and the water, keeping an eye on the seniors, because if they're on medication, your body temperature increases dramatically," Cassista said.

Those who work in local shelters are stocking up on cold water.

"We have basically the air conditioning pumped up high," MacDonald said. "We are welcoming anyone now to book into the shelters, completely now, and I am continuously encouraging everyone to keep hydrated right now."

Back at the beach, visitors are keeping cool in the water.

"I'm glad we're coming here, it's ocean water, we can cool off when we get too hot," Hetherington said.