Maclean's Magazine has released its list of Canada's Best Communities, and to Atlantic Canadians' surprise, they weren't included in the top 100.

When creating the list, Maclean's looked at factors such as low crime rates, job opportunities, culture, and even weather.

Although the Atlantic coast has some of the most beautiful spots to visit in Canada, the views just weren't enough to make top 100, with Halifax taking spot number 131.

"Hundred and 31... Are you kidding me?" said Spencer Conway.

"We just need to speak to those people that make that list, because I don't think they've been out here," said Julia Brake.

Moncton also didn't make the top 100. Taking spot number 312, Monctonians say this just isn't right.

"I completely, 100 per cent disagree!" said Jessica Mackenzie. "The Maritimes is exactly where it is you need to be. This is where you're going to find the nicest people and the best support, and we should be the top one!"

After Halifax, only the communities of Rothesay, Quispamsis, Charlottetown and Fredericton cracked the top 250.

"I would warmly welcome whoever the board was at Maclean's and I will personally show them the city and make sure we can get on their list next time," said Halifax MP Andy Fillmore.

"There are just a lot of great opportunities in Atlantic Canada and I don't think that's reflected in these ratings, which I think are really kind of bogus," said Halifax Mayor Mike Savage.

"And not only the fact that there's none in the top 130, but to say that some of the great communities in Nova Scotia are at the very bottom of the list, to me, shows a great ignorance of what's happening in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada."

Savage continues to say, "I'm happy with where Halifax is, and I think Atlantic Canada as a whole has a great deal to offer, and we shouldn't be snubbed in this way."

Halifax has recently had some of the strongest job growth in its history.

Alex and Heather Stephen moved to the Halifax area from Toronto -- number 11 on the list -- to open a café in Lower Sackville, N.S.

"It's easy living out here," said Alex Stephen. "You have everything you need, you have all the positives of a big city, but you don’t have that rat race that you're caught in. You can still have a life, you know?"

Stephen says he was also surprised with Maclean's ranking.

"On one hand, I feel a little bit insulted living in Halifax because it is just such an awesome place, that for sure deserves to be near the top of that list," explained Stephen. "But I think there's something beautiful in it because now it's our best kept secret in Canada."

As for who made number one on the list, Burlington, Ont. took the lead.

"Never heard of it... How's that? Never heard of it," said Conway.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Emily Baron Cadloff