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'Atlantic Strong': Country Liberty unveils new t-shirt in wildfire relief support

New Brunswick clothing company Country Liberty is the latest to hop on board in helping those affected by the raging wildfires in the Maritimes, with their new “Atlantic Strong” t-shirts.

The Rexton, N.B., based group launched the product on Monday with 100 per cent of the proceeds going towards wildfire relief efforts.

“We wanted to do our part in trying to help,” says Country Liberty owner Sawyer Hannay. “We wanted to basically create a product that we could dedicate 100 per cent of the proceeds to directly go back to that relief solution for those who are again losing so much.”

There are a number of fires burning in the Maritimes right now, with the most notable happening in the Upper Tantallon, N.S., area. That blaze has grown to 837 hectares as of Wednesday afternoon.

“Monday morning was not really expected,” Hannay says when creating a plan with his team. “Somethings are just kind of more important so we put everything else to the side and just focused on this project.”

Hannay notes the company does not typically create and launch new merchandise in the span of 24 hours. Because of that reason, items may take longer to get to customers.

“People are just happy to support, that’s what they are looking to do,” says Hannay. “This is more than about just getting a new t-shirt, this is a lot more than just that. And the people who are buying these t-shirts aren’t looking for a new t-shirt in their wardrobe necessarily, they are looking to support the cause and that’s been the main focus in execution.”

Country Liberty is taking suggestions from the public as to which wildfire relief efforts proceeds should go towards. T-shirts are available at for $34.95.

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