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Attempts to lower gas prices fizzle out in New Brunswick Legislature


Gas prices jumped 9.9 cents in New Brunswick on Thursday bringing the total for a litre of gasoline to 208.7 cents.

The move has some people leaving their vehicles at home.

"The price of gas is crazy right now,” said Taylor Hoyte. “I've had to start walking to work just to kind of balance things out a bit.”

On Wednesday, the province's liberal opposition introduced a motion to eliminate the provincial gas tax for four months.

"If the government would choose to do so it would be reduced tomorrow night at midnight, reduced 10 cents 87, people with $25,000 or less would get $500. That would happen immediately,” said Roger Melanson.

The progressive conservatives also introduced a motion, but on the federal carbon tax.

"It is a national issue and that's what our motion was intended to do — raise the bar of the discussion, make it a national issue. It will not get solved in this legislature,” said Premier Blaine Higgs.

And while neither motion received consent for debate, gas prices fueled conversation in Fredericton Thursday.

Some believe the government should step in and cut costs.

"I think it's really high,” said Christie Stone. “It's getting a little ridiculous.”

“It's always a nice relief when they do the interrupter clause then we get a little bit of a break. It's really hard for some people to get there in those times so I'd like to see it last a little bit longer than it does it would really help,” Stone said.

Others think it’s just the cost of living.

"I think people have a responsibility to do something for themselves,” said Hazen Calabrese.

The Green Party's Kevin Arseneau says the house's behaviour was lamentable and that the house should sit next week for a debate.

"No motion needs to be debated in the house for help to happen. Government has that power, they can offer help to New Brunswickers right now," Arseneau said.

The motions won't have the opportunity to be debated until June first when the house sits next. Top Stories

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