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AUS women's hockey coming to Glace Bay, N.S.

Glace Bay, N.S. has a long hockey history, but this weekend the community will host two women’s university games for the first time.

“I'm looking forward to seeing them because that's my dream for the future,” said Maya Munroe-Oliver, who plays U13 for Glace Bay Minor Hockey.

Besides the games, the teams will also host two development sessions for female minor hockey players in the area.

“I feel like they're both amazing teams and its awesome getting to see people from here play too, that started where we are,” said Ellie Sinclair, U13 Minor Hockey player.

The game will feature lots of local talent; Orianna MacNeil plays for UPEI and is from Mabou, N.S.

St Mary's head coach, Chris Larade, from Cheticamp, N.S., Erin Denny from Eskasoni, N.S., Maddy Corbett from Sydney, and Aimee O’Neil from Glace Bay are all forwards for the Huskies.

“It will be really amazing to come back to the rink that I grew up in and play infront of coaches that helped me when i was younger get where I am today,” said O’Neill.

Women's hockey is gaining more exposure in North America.

Monday was an historic day, as the first ever draft was held for the newly assembled Professional Women's Hockey League.

O'Neill says the game has changed since she first stepped on the ice.

“I played boys when I was younger and usually I’d be the only girl and even if I played on team Nova Scotia I’d be the only one from Cape Breton. Now we have three on our team from here and I know a lot of girls that play at that level, so it's definitely grown a lot,” she said.

Organizers say this weekend's event is way to grow the game at a grassroots level.

“We see this as a development opportunity, not only for the female hockey players in the area, but all of the minor hockey players because this is top level hockey,” said James Edwards, Glace Bay Minor Hockey president.

The first game is Friday night at 7 p.m., with the second game scheduled for Saturday at 4 p.m. at the Miners Forum in Glace Bay, N.S. Top Stories

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