SYDNEY RIVER, N.S. -- Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily have to be about the love between two people.

There are different kinds of love and residents at a centre for adults with disabilities found a unique way today of sharing their affection with the broader community.

It was an avalanche of Valentine's Day cards at the Breton Ability Centre in Sydney River on Friday, where it's safe to say residents were "tickled pink."

"I think love is in the air at Breton Ability," said Harman Singh. "And, I must say that I'm totally, totally overwhelmed."

It all started with a plea on social media to send cards to residents.

Fast forward to Cupid's big day, and hundreds -- if not thousands -- of cards poured in.

Many of them were from students at local schools.

"I'm as happy as a lark," said Shirley MacLean.

Part of the idea was to show residents here that they're not forgotten.

And to help the broader community feel a stronger connection with those living with disabilities.

"Historically, we have been seen as a place that is really the end of the road for people," Singh said. "We are definitely not the end of the road for people."

One of the many abilities fostered here is a cafe run by residents, so they put their baking skills to good use to pay back the community's kind gesture.

"We hope that this just starts friendships, and it starts a chain of relationships," Singh said. "That would not exist had this campaign not happened. No matter who we are. No matter what our abilities are, we all look for one thing -- and that is love."