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B.C. comic says his disability give him a unique perspective to comedy


Curran Dobbs says the unique perspective of the world given to him by autism can often lead to comedic gold.

Hailing from Victoria, B.C., Dobbs’ talent to make people laugh has earned him national attention after making it to the semifinals on season two of “Canada’s Got Talent."

B.C. comic Curran Dobbs made it to the semifinals on season two of “Canada’s Got Talent."

“Well, it's a mix of jokes about autism, and ADHD, and a couple of silly songs, and the odd one-liner in between the two and what not,” said Dobbs in an interview with Katie Kelly on Wednesday.

The comedian recently made his first visit to Nova Scotia last month, where he performed at a fundraising event, “Laughability!” in support of the Dartmouth Adult Services Centre.

“I like that they’re supporting people with disabilities,” he said.

In terms of his comedy style, Dobbs is candid about his disability, and often uses it as the butt of his jokes.

“Apparently, I’m being told I’m really good at self-deprecating humor, like, the absolute best,” said Dobbs with a grin. “It's always good to make yourself a bit of a target, and that way you know you're not punching down.”

Dobbs will be making his way back to the East Coast in May, where he’ll take part in three shows for the Halifax Comedy Festival.

The first show is called “Young and Reckless,” and takes place at the Seahorse Tavern on May 9, with another show at The Lower Deck on May 11.

Dobbs will additionally be doing a free show at the Halifax Central Library on May 10.

“I’m looking forward to seeing more of Halifax,” said Dobbs.

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