GLACE BAY, N.S. -- A family of three musicians from New Waterford, N.S., that took their talents online during the first wave of COVID-19, is hoping to once again play a tune that will help wipe the blues away.

Stephen Muise, Jenn Sheppard and Jordyn Crocker have raised tens of thousands of dollars for community organizations during the pandemic.

Their online show, called "Garbage Night Sessions," was born during the first shutdown as a way to bring something positive out of the situation.

"We need a pick me up, the community needs a pick me up. This news is coming on pretty heavy," says Muise.

Now, COVID-19 is hitting close to home, with exposure sites adding up in the area.

"We know some people who are suffering through it right now, so it's got a different feeling altogether and we're trying to send as many good feelings to anyone who is going through it right now," says Sheppard.

At a time when restrictions were relaxed, the sessions featured special guests, including well-known musician Matt Andersen. It provides further proof of the following the concerts have earned over the pandemic.

"I think people are relying on us, as much as we're relying on them," says Crocker.

"It's kind of a great relationship back and forth," says Sheppard.

Garbage Night Sessions will air Thursday night at 7 p.m. on Facebook live. For now it's one night only, but they're not ruling out more shows if the shutdown continues.

“We always said this show will be used when the need is there and right now we feel the need for us and our community is there," says Muise.

It's filling a void during uncertain times - that's music to everyone's ears.