HALIFAX -- There is growing concern about a missing teen in Bathurst, N.B.

Police say they are treating her disappearance as suspicious and are launching a search of the Chaleur region on Wednesday.

Police say 14-year-old Madison Roy Boudreau was last seen on May 11 around 7:30 a.m. Her family and friends have not heard her from since.

She was last seen getting into a grey Ford Ranger truck and after some assistance from the public, that vehicle has since been seized by Bathurst Police Force.

"Madison is described as a being five-foot-four inches tall and weighing 119 pounds," Bathurst Police Force wrote in a news release last week. "She has brown eyes and medium length brown hair. Madison was last seen wearing a gray sweater, a pair of camouflage-colored pants and a pair of silver-colored shoes."

With respect to Wednesday's search, only authorized members of the Acadie-Chaleur Ground Search and Rescue and police will be allowed on site.

"We understand and appreciate that the general public will want to help with the search," Chief Stephane Roy stated Tuesday in a news release from the Bathurst Police Force. "However, this group of trained individuals have a systemic approach to their search and we want to allow them the space to do their jobs efficiently."

Roy also responded to questions about why an Amber Alert was not issued last week.

"We understand there has been much discussion over the fact that an Amber Alert was not activated," Roy stated in the news release. "We assure you that, at the onset, members of the Criminal Investigation Division had considered submitting a request to the RCMP’s J Division for the activation of an Amber Alert. However, we quickly realized that the four criteria, that must allbe met, were not."

Anyone with information about Madison Roy Boudreau's whereabouts is asked to contact the Bathurst Police Force 506-548-0420 (option #2) or Crime Stoppers N.B. at 1-800-222-8477.