FREDERICTON -- The real estate market is hot, but how often would a treehouse potentially add value for house hunters?

Consider one Frederiction creation, which isn't your average treehouse.

Linda Kerry says her son's treehouse is the most cherished part of her current home.

"Sam's dad, he's a miner and he was between contracts and he's a jack-of-all trades," Kerry says. "Whenever I think you can't do something, he'll do it. So I said to him, 'I really want a treehouse,' and he built me a treehouse."

It might not be Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4 or a wardrobe to Narnia, but inside it's pretty magical.

"I don't know how he did it," Kerry said. "He is also a lover of trees and did it in the sense that there's no nails in the tree itself. So he cantilevered the treehouse in itself within the limbs of the tree."

When the home itself was listed for sale, it was the treehouse that got real estate agent Jeremy Deering most excited.

"In the winter it might be cold, it could use some insulation, as far as like an inspection would go it's pretty well up to code," Deering said. "It really was designed well and designed with the tree in mind. I don't think you could get some backwoods carpenter to do this. I think someone with real skill had to do this."

While Linda and her son Sam might not be ready to put down new roots just yet they're happy for the memories this one gave them.