People came out in droves to help celebrate the first birthday of a black bear cub that was found in poor health along a Cape Breton highway.

“Little Bear” was brought to the Two Rivers Wildlife Park in Mira, N.S., in May. Weighing only seven pounds at the time, he has since been nursed back to health by a local vet.

"From being very sick to being a nice healthy little baby bear, he's come a long way," said Catharine MacDonald of the wildlife park.

Among Saturday’s crowd was Michael Sylliboy, who was one of the two men to first find the cub.

“When I found him, I felt kind of guilty for getting involved with mother nature,” said Sylliboy. “When I came here, when I saw him running around and having fun, I didn't feel guilty after that."

Little Bear needed a new enclosure to be able to stay at the wildlife park. The park is nearing their $40,000 goal.

"After all the expenses, we're at $32,000,” said Ronald Doncaster, chair of the Two Rivers Development Association Board. “More money's come in this week, and we'll do a total up Monday. We're getting there."

The park is looking forward to having Little Bear with them for the years to come.

"To get people who normally wouldn't come out, or had never been here, to see what we have to offer, see the whole facility and see all the different animals, it's a really good feeling to see this many people," said Doncaster.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDoanld.