SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- Black Lives Matter demonstrations around the world and in the Maritimes have inspired a well-known New Brunswick poet.

Clyde Wray has seen a lot of anger in the streets over the years. However, the 73-year-old poet says this time is different, because this time the Black community is not alone.

“When you have all these white people and you have all these Black people and you have the Hispanic people and they're all together, this is what we’re looking at. You now believe what has been said years and years ago. You believe it now,” says Wray.

According to Wray, another key difference is where the demonstrations are happening.

“We tend to focus on the larger cities, but people are doing this and demonstrating in towns, in hamlets and villages … people have taken notice,” says Wray.

In Bathurst, N.B., hundreds marched in support of Black Lives Matter on Sunday evening.

“I feel it was important for people in this community to be educated on this issue and I also feel it was something that was important to happen in a small community like Bathurst,” says Brittany States, organizer of the Bathurst protest.

Large crowds have also gathered for marches and demonstrations in communities across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

“People should keep on speaking up on this issue, even in smaller communities, because believe it or not, racism does happen here,” says States.