BLACKVILLE, N.B. -- Blackville is a community in mourning.

Grief counsellors were brought in Monday to help residents cope with a tragic loss of life when three teenagers were killed in a weekend crash in the community.

"Everyone is still just terribly upset," said Blackville mayor Christopher Hennessy. "Just shattered, just heartbroken, just trying to come to our senses about what happened what actually went on and just trying to figure it out I guess."

Three teenage boys -- two from Gray Rapids, N.B. and one from Blackville -- died in a horrific weekend crash in the heart of the town. The vehicle they were in left the road and struck a retaining wall.

Two were students at Blackville School, the other recently graduated.

The Anglophone School District North released this statement.

"People are hurting, but we know that being together will help us move forward.

Counsellors will be on site again (Monday) and (Tuesday), and for as long as they are needed.

The village of Blackville has a population under 1,000, so everybody knows everybody. Mayor Hennessy says in a time of grieving, that can be a good thing.

"I think it has to help," Hennessy said. "Essentially, everyone comes together and makes one big huge family around this area. We’ve done it in the past and will do it in the future."

In addition to being mayor, Hennessy is also a volunteer firefighter. He was among the group of first responders called to the scene.

"You never know what you’re walking into I guess, it’s the same as anything," Hennessy said. "You’re never prepared, you try to as best you can but you never know what you’re walking into. It’s part of the deal I guess."

Help is being offered to the first responders, too.

"We set up a debrief at the fire department for our first responders and we’re going to move forward with that this evening so hopefully that will help," Hennessy said.

Classes are continuing at the school as officials say the best place for students right now is with their peers and support staff.

Hennessy says it’s important for people to be able to lean on one another when dealing with a loss like this.

He is encouraging everyone to reach out to family and friends to make sure they’re OK.