As NB Power teams work around the clock to restore service, some workers near Hillsborough had to be diverted after a damaging break-in at a sub-station.

Thieves targeted a substation at Dawson Settlement overnight, despite several signs warning not to trespass.

“Someone cut the fence and went in and then cut a bunch of wires inside,” said NB Power spokesman Marc Belliveau.

Crews that were already busy trying to restore power after a stormy weekend were interrupted and diverted to make emergency repairs at the sub-station instead.

“It's just not a good situation when you're trying to connect people that have been out of power for several days and you're dealing with something that was a criminal activity,” Belliveau said.

And a very dangerous one, at that.

“It wasn't just rolls of wire, it was actual grounds of equipment that to be replaced,” Belliveau said. “One wrong cut in a situation like that and the person is going to kill themselves.”

Alvin Edgett is a resident in the Weldon area.

The wind storm knocked down several trees in his yard, along with his power, on Saturday night.

His lights came back on Tuesday morning when he woke up to news of the damage done just up the street.

“I think that's terrible,” Edgett said. “The world is getting crazier all the time, it seems.”

Although Edgett got his power back, that still isn't the case for many in the greater Moncton area.

At the Riverview fire station, a warming and charging centre has been available to residents who still don't have power in this area.

“It's to provide a place to get warm if they're not able to heat their home, obviously, due to loss of electricity,” said Riverview Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Robin True.“We also have light refreshments here and the ability to charge phones or any other devices that you want to charge.”

As for the damage at the substation, it's now the subject of a police investigation.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kate Walker.