A dog that’s been the centre of a long custody battle has found her permanent home.

Brindi, a 13 or 14-year-old lab/shepherd mix, was seized by the Halifax Regional Municipality after attacking another dog in 2008. Her former owner successfully fought a euthanization order and got Brindi back.

But two months later, Brindi attacked another dog, and wound up back in the pound.

Christine Graham has been looking after Brindi for the past six years.

“If she sneezes, we rush her to the vet, so she's probably had better care than some senior dogs in regular homes," said Graham. 

The name of the new owner and the location where Brindi will live has not been disclosed.

Francesca Rogier was Brindi’s former owner and spent thousands of dollars fighting to get Brindi back.

The entire experience has left her bitter.

“They've destroyed my career,” said Rogier. “They've destroyed my health. They've destroyed my whole life for nothing. I have no friends. I have no prospects. I have no money to finish my house.”

Graham, too, has grown fond of Brindi, and says she’ll miss her.

Hope Swinimer of Homeward Bound City Pound says Brindi has lived a “wonderful life.”

“She's had great interaction, stimulation, good medical care, good food and lots of love,” said Swinimer. “To be able to give a dog that, that's what really needs to be given.

Brindi will move to her new home in the coming weeks.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko.