Shocked by the sudden death of his younger brother, Greg Dobson is turning to music to honour the hockey player.

Jordan Boyd, 16, died on the ice during the first day of training camp with the Acadie-Bathurst Titan in August.

Boyd was a talented young man with a promising career but he was also a son, brother and friend to many. Dobson has now written a song called "Dear Jordan" to honour his brother and posted it on YouTube.

“It’s my way of telling people how much I miss Jordan,” says Dobson. “It was hard going through the first, you know, few weeks, even the first month, trying to get out what you wanted to say when people are asking how you’re doing.”

He started writing the song as a way to express how he is feeling and as a way to tell his younger brother how he felt about their bond.

“It was always really positive. He looked up to me a lot and I knew that, so I made sure that I was a really good role model for him,” says Dobson.

As Dobson recalls the time the two spent on the ice together last winter, he remembers how proud he was of his little brother.

“I laughed because he would skate backwards from end to end and deke through probably five, six guys before anyone could touch him and I was just skating with a big grin on my face on the ice, because like that was my little brother,” says Dobson.

Last month, the Titan unveiled a banner in memory of Jordan that now hangs in the K.C. Irving Centre in Bathurst. Earlier this month, the Jordan Boyd Memorial Tournament was held in his hometown of Bedford, N.S.

His family says they are grateful for the support.

“It definitely changes things, like things don't feel the same, but we're doing the best that we can and with all the support that we've had with friends and family and the community as a whole, it’s made it a bit easier,” says Dobson.

With his brother’s number tattooed on his arm and memories preserved in music, Dobson says his brother is dearly missed, but not forgotten.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jacqueline Foster