RESERVE MINES, N.S. -- Mild temperatures and melting snow are uncovering large potholes throughout the Maritimes.

In Cape Breton, the condition of one road is so bad that it's becoming the butt of jokes. Pothole-plagued Sydney Road in Reserve Mines, N.S., is the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

It's even getting attention on social media, with some people posting videos on how to navigate the failing infrastructure.

"The main thing here is you got to take your time, if you don't the baby is going to be flipped over in the car seat," Mitch Tracey said in a Facebook video.

In what is supposed to be a 50 km/h zone, there is a steady stream of traffic slowing to a near standstill to try and lessen the impact of the potholes.

"It's become an eyesore and embarrassment," Cape Breton Regional Coun. George MacDonald. "We are the laughing stock of almost the entire province that last few months with jokes on social media and I get 10 to 20 calls every day."

Harsh winter conditions, and a rollercoaster ride of temperatures, have taken their toll on many roads across the Maritimes.

In Moncton, motorists are dealing with much of the same. Large potholes can also be found around much of Halifax, but there's not much that can be done right now, other than patchwork according to the Department of Transportation.

In Reserve Mines, the province says this stretch of road will be repaved in the spring, but that's a little too late for Ashley McNeil.

"It's actually pathetic," McNeil said. "The road should be closed."

McNeil needs a new bumper, tire and rim. All of it she says will cost more than $2,000.

"I just don't feel I should have to pay it," McNeil said. "My car has to be inspected to be on the roads and the roads are terrible."

In Tracey's comical video, he dons a snowmobile helmet.

"You're hitting these bumps and your head's going to be bouncing off the roof," Tracey said. "I just want everyone to be prepared for the situation."

MacDonald says potholes are the number one complaint he deals with this time of year.

"Right now, every road, even my own road right here has got potholes," MacDonald said. "So, you do get a lot of pothole calls and we just take that and all in a day's work, I guess."