HANWELL, N.B. -- Yesterday's storm brought more than snow and ice as a little bundle of joy wasn't waiting for Mom to make it to the hospital.

Staff at a Fredericton-area hotel jumped into action when a guest went into labour.

This security footage from the lobby shows the moment an expecting mom realizes there's no making it to the hospital.

The realization was soon shared with the workers at a hotel in Hanwell, just outside Fredericton.

"It was an ordinary night up until that point," said Mike Jones, the hotel's chef de partie. "We had a busy service that night, and we were closing down the restaurant, and then one of our front desk employees informed us that we had a bit of a medical emergency going on in the lobby way."

Monica Storey, the hotel's bartender, thought people were kidding at first.

"I laughed," Storey said. "I heard one scream come out of her and then I heard a child scream, and I knew it was for real."

Abigail Grace Storey made her grand arrival into the world a few days earlier than expected weighing in at seven pounds.

Mom Melita lives about 45 minutes from Fredericton and had been warned by the doctor to stay in town because of the storm.

"Nothing was really happening, so we said well maybe we'll start home," Melita Storey said. But as they were driving, she decided to turn back just in case.

"I was having a little bit of -- it seemed like something might be happening," said Melita.

And that something happened fast, so fast, in fact, it was Abigail Grace's grandmother, Melita's mom, that did the delivering.

"She was the one that got to catch her, and she was on the phone with 911 and they helped walk her through everything," said Melita Storey.

It was Monica Storey that ended up tying off the umbilical cord.

"We made sure she could breathe correctly, made sure the mother and the baby was warm and just waited until the ambulance got there and told her congratulations," said Monica Storey.

As if the story couldn't get any more remarkable, Melita and Monica Storey found out that they're related as their great grandfathers are brothers.