The calendar says November, but it sure feels like winter has come early.

This isn't just cold weather, it's record cold and it’s potentially dangerous, especially for people who can't find shelter from it.

Temperatures dropped to around -15 C in Bathurst, N.B. at first light, part of an Arctic freeze that wasn't confined to the north.

In Moncton, it was a dangerously cold morning for one 22-year-old man who was taken to hospital.

“An officer discovered that the man had slept overnight in a tent,” said Sgt. Mario Fortin of the Codiac RCMP. “I guess there was visible signs of early frostbite to his fingers.”

The man was suspected to have been homeless.

Moncton City Coun. Paul Pellerin says these types of situations are unacceptable.

“I think that we dropped the ball,” Pellerin said. “All three levels of government. Is there more that we can do? Of course. It just takes political will.”

The viola's place shelter in New Glasgow is a warm spot in cold weather.

It recently reopened to give space to people like Mike Barret and his wife Abbie and help them stay out of the cold.

“I wouldn't want to be outside today for 20 minutes,” said shelter board member Mark Firth.“Normally, we'd be closed in the day, but we've been keeping it open because of the weather and the needs of the clients.”

Said Barrett: “It feels, for the time being, this is as close as what we could get to a home feeling.”

As much as these temperatures can be a risk to humans, they can also be equally as dangerous for animals.

“When there is frostbite warnings, heed that,” said Nanette Pearl of the Greater Moncton SPCA. “Heed that for yourself, for their feet. Bear in mind the salt on the road, over time they can condition to it but you'll see the animals holding up their feet, it burns.”

It was hazardous, too, for motorists.

Nova Scotia's Highway 102 was a slippery mess in spots this morning.

A cube van left the highway near Shubenacadie.

A combination of snow and ice on the 102 made travel slow.

In Halifax, it started off cold and the mercury actually dropped as the day went on in the metro area.

It dipped to nearly minus-12 without the wind-chill by mid-afternoon.

Wind-chills of -20 C to -25 C can be brutal while working on a highway crew.

The experts say there's a simple rule of thumb, to maximize warmth and comfort.

“Oh we just have extra clothes in our rigs, just for weather like this,” said surveyor Terrance Bona.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, temperatures in the Maritimes are supposed to be mild in November, not really turning cold until mid-to-late December. Some people are saying if this is mild, then December will probably be a deep freeze.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kate Walker and Dan MacIntosh.