Canadian Blood Services continues to need more donors as blood donations dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trish Smith, with Canadian Blood Services, says donors have been carrying Canada's Lifeline over the past two years due to the virus preventing the organization from community recruitment activities.

''We saw a reduction in approximately 31,000 donors, so because of this we really need new donors to come out now and help us replenish our national blood supply," says Smith.

Blood donations are constantly needed across the country, as each donation is able to benefit patients battling different illnesses or injuries.

"Without blood products and without blood donation, patients wouldn't be able to battle things like cancer, and leukaemia, major surgeries, traumas, child birth, etc.," says Smith.

Smith adds, after two years of the pandemic, donations are needed now more than ever.

The donation process is fairly easy for those eligible. After booking an appointment and screening, the actual donation takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes.

"So you're not sitting in a bed, giving a donation for an hour and then we take you to the refreshment section and you get some treats and we send you on your way after we know you're feeling well," she says.

Some of those who have experience donating blood say the process is rewarding, knowing it could save a life.

"When you come in here you feel very welcomed and I know especially times like now where blood donors are really in high need, so it just feels good to do your part," says Greg O'Brien, blood donor.

"I've been a donor since I was 17, when you're allowed to start donating and I just think it's a really easy way to help others this summer and staff are great, so yeah, it's just an easy thing to do," says donor Payton Woods.

Those eligible to donate blood can book an appointment online.

"There's a lot of reasons why people may need blood products and the need for blood never takes a vacation, so we need our donors to continue to come in," says Smith.