HALIFAX -- Canadian singer-songwriter Scott Helman has released the video for his new song “Wait No More,” which will be on his next collection of music that is due out later this year.

The "Wait No More" video was filmed in Helman's apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic by his girlfriend.

“Ben, the director, also my really close friend, called me and he was like, ‘Listen, we have this amazing opportunity to actually try and make something in COVID and film something and really do something new.’ He kind of threw out this idea of a backwards music video,” says Helman.

“I thought it could represent the song well, so we just ran with it. We thought of all these things that could look really rad in reverse.”

Most impressively, Helman learned how to sing his song in reverse for the shoot.

“A couple weeks before the shoot, I isolated my vocal from the song, put it in reverse and then I spent about 30 minutes every day just phonetically translating the backwards gibberish into words and then I memorized it,” says Helman.

In the video, Helman cuts off his hair, a move he says he was excited to make.

“It felt so good to relinquish this identity qualifier that I’ve had. My whole career I’ve had the same hair and I know it is superficial, but it just felt so good to just be like, you know what, I’m just going to buzz this off,” he says.

The Toronto artist has been keeping himself busy during the pandemic by baking, listening to "Lord of the Rings" on audio book, and improving upon his musical skills.

“I’ve been practicing the piano. I’m already pretty good at the piano, but I wanted to get masterful,” he says.

Helman has also taken the time to use his platform for social activism, encouraging fans to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

“What is currently happening in our culture is a movement of great power. If you are having trouble processing this movement, I implore you to do your research. While researching, listen to Black voices. This has to end, and we are the ones who can end it,” said Helman in an Instagram post.

The singer has listed a number of funds that support the Black Lives Matter movement on his Instagram highlights and will send a personalized thank-you note to any fan who donates to one of the organizations and emails him a copy of the receipt.