The New Brunswick government has released the design for cannabis stores set to open in just over four months. 

Cannabis NB stores will be about 270 sq. metres (3,000 sq. ft.) and consist of a reception area, retail and office space, and a state-of-the-art secured storage area. This secured area includes features such as a bank-style vault.

No one under 19 will be permitted in Cannabis NB stores. In addition, locations for the retail stores were chosen to ensure they are an appropriate distance from schools and daycares.

“This retail design certainly will help us with our primary goal of making sure that the product stays away from children and youth and the proceeds away from criminals and that we've got a safe, quality standard product,” says Finance Minister Cathy Rogers.

Brian Harriman, president and CEO of NB Liquor says they expect to offer about 200 different varieties of pot products as well as paraphernalia.

“It’ll be a variety of different strains, indigo, cetivas, hybrids, etcetera, dried buds, oils,” he says.

Edibles will not be for sale, but it's forecasted that things like marijuana brownies and cookies will be made legal by the federal government in 2019. Officials for Cannabis NB say they will be ready if the time comes.

“We’ve built these stores to accommodate both the existing portfolio as well as growth and expansion into edibles,” Harriman says.

Harriman says Cannabis NB studied models of existing stores in California, Colorado and Oregon, then took bits of each one to make a model they say will be the best fit for New Brunswick.

Officials estimate $3.6 million dollars of revenue per store each year.

Officials say the retail price of individual products will vary and have not been determined, but they will be finalized closer to the date of legalization.

About $72-million of revenue is expected for 20 retail outlets in 15 communities over the course of one year.

Harriman says there will be about 140 employees working in stores and 190 employees working for provincial crown corporation.

Cannabis NB has four agreements signed with suppliers that either currently exist here in the province or are in the process of moving in.

Officials say cannabis store staff will have 100 hours of training before they'll be allowed to work on the retail floor and all employees will have criminal background checks.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.