SYDNEY, N.S. -- There's a lot of tough news out there these days, but it goes down easier when it's delivered by two adorable boys.

Cape Breton brothers Liam and Lucas Sakalauskas have broadcast from their basement since school was suspended.

The new broadcast team is a hit with viewers because of their on-air chemistry, which comes naturally for the two brothers.

Eleven-year-old Liam and nine-year-old Lucas have been broadcasting E.C.K. News out of their basement while stuck at home during the COVID-19-related state of emergency.

"It's really fun because we get to see ourselves on the TV," said Liam. 

The videos uploaded to their YouTube channel have a human interest element, too, featuring everything from science experiments, to the correct way to hang toilet paper.

The boys' father, Herbie Sakalauskas, works in video production for Cape Breton University, which gives the kids access to a green screen, teleprompter, and professional lighting.

The time spent recording and editing with dad has been a labour of love.

"It's great to see them," Herbie said. "I feel like every time they put a new newscast out there, they're getting more and more confident."

The co-anchors are getting great feedback from friends and teachers.

"I'm learning stuff, but I'm also getting to have fun with it," said Lucas.

They even received a shout-out recently from Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil.

Their hope is their upbeat take on the news -- even the bad news -- gives people reason to smile during a difficult time.

"That sometimes scares kids, but when you brighten it up a little bit, like you know, techniques for washing your hands and stuff like that, that just, brings up peoples' spirits," said Liam.

This just in: these two might have a future -- in front of the camera.