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Cape Breton councillor wants Donkin Mine to reopen

Cape Breton Regional Municipality Councillor Darren Bruckswaiger said he is frustrated and confused about the hold up in reopening the Donkin Coal Mine.

The mine has been closed since July, after two rock falls in less than a week. The company said it has made the necessary repairs and says the mine is safe.

More than 40 employees have been laid off and are waiting to go back to work.

“I’m told it's costing the company a million dollars a week for the idle mine,” Bruckswaiger said.

“Everyone in the area knows that there was $600 million spent there, so if the province didn’t want the mining, then they should’ve stopped it from day one and not allowed it.”

The province has said repairs carried out by Kameron Coal will be reviewed by an outside consultant, but it remains unclear when the mine might reopen.

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