A Cape Breton high school is investigating its students’ behaviour after a hockey game grew out of control.

Police were called after Tuesday night’s game between rival schools, Riverview Rural High School and Sydney Academy.

Roughly 800 fans attended the home-opener and emotions ran high after the game, which Riverview won 4-2.

“There was some fights,” says Riverview student Katie Harris. “It was kind of wild, compared to an ordinary hockey game for high school.”

“Everyone was kind of having fun at first, but then it got a little crazy when everyone started chanting and that,” says student Mitchell MacNeil.

Things are typically intense when the rival teams meet on the ice, and have been for years. However, things escalated Tuesday night when a crowd of students gathered in the parking lot after the game.

Riverview’s school liaison officer, who is also the hockey team’s trainer, says there were no arrests.

“It appeared there might have been a small disturbance in the area,” says Const. Mike Rolfe. “Police were called in just to make sure nothing was going on. The guys that arrived took control, the crowd dispersed. That was it.”

However, some people who attended the game say the students’ behaviour was more serious.

One student says a Sydney Academy fan was seen flashing her rear end to the home crowd.

“She pulled down her pants in front of the crowd and everyone,” says Harris. “So I guess she got kicked out or something, I’m not sure.”

There were also complaints that students were chanting obscenities during the game.

“There was a couple of things students could do better,” says Rolfe. “One is language.”

Brent Desveaux is a hockey scout for the Yarmouth Jr. A Mariners. He says he saw nothing beyond a good old-fashioned rivalry Tuesday night.

However, he also says with students and players hyping up games on Facebook and Twitter, people supervising high school sports have to watch out for high emotions.

“You didn’t have that social media aspect, where people are chatting with each other,” he says. “They’re all chirping at each other days or weeks before the game.”

The principal of Sydney Academy says he is investigating student behaviour at the game, although he wouldn’t comment on specifics.

The principal at Riverview Rural High School couldn’t be reached for comment Wednesday, but Rolfe says the school is also looking into what happened at the game.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald