SYDNEY, N.S. -- A Cape Breton man is speaking out after he says his grandson was nearly struck by a vehicle while getting off a school bus.

Bruce Howie and his son meet everyday after school at an intersection in Port Morien, N.S.

But this past Thursday afternoon, Howie says he witness a terrifying close call.

“I was waiting for him to get off the bus. The driver had the red lights on and the sign out, then the kids started getting off the bus. I just started to see my grandson coming around, and this vehicle decides to keep on going,” recalls Howie.

Howie says he yelled, but the vehicle kept driving and just missed his grandson and other children by inches.

He later caught up with the driver and called police, who are now looking into the manner.

“It could have been a very tragic accident here. I could have lost my grandson,” says Howie.

He says it could have been a lot worse, and now wants the individual behind the wheel to be held responsible.

“One thing I didn’t notice, and this will change, is that there isn’t any school bus stopping signs here,” says Edwards.

James Edwards is the councillor for the area, and also a school bus driver.

He says situations like this one happen all too often.

“A lot of the buses have cameras on them now, so if a car does go through the red lights, we can press a button and get the licence plate number of the cars, and we report them to the police,” says Edwards.

Edwards says he is shocked so many people are still ignoring the law.

The fine for not yielding to a school bus when their lights are flashing starts at nearly $400.

But Howie says a price tag can’t be put on his grandson’s life.

“The thing I want to tell people is to please slow down in school zones, and there’s a purpose why these lights are on these buses, for these kids to be safe,” says Howie. “They should be safe getting off the bus and crossing the streets. They want to go home, and enjoy the rest of the day, and play with their friends.”

Howie says he will be following up with police to make sure the driver is charged.

For now, he’s just happy his grandson is safe, and hopes something like this doesn’t happen again.