HALIFAX -- Dr. Manivasan Moodley, a Cape Breton obstetrician from South Africa, received a new sponsor on Friday amid allegations of professional misconduct.

On Thursday night, around 80 people rallied outside of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, calling for Moodley to keep his job.

Moodley has been working under a sponsor and supervisor since his arrival in Canada. He was notified recently that his sponsorship had been removed.

According to Nova Scotia's College of Physicians and Surgeons, Moodley also faces allegations of misconduct from two patients. The allegations include performing a physical examination of a patient in a sexualized manner, asking questions of a sexual nature, unnecessarily requesting an internal examination and violating physician and patient boundaries by showing up at a patient's workplace.

Interim restrictions have been imposed on Moodley since September 2017. Those restrictions include having an attendant with him during the entirety of visits with female patients.

Moodley has repeatedly denied the allegations and says he will fight them.

Meanwhile, with new sponsorship, Moodley will continue his practice. However, the college will hold a hearing into the allegations against him in February.